Reflective Labels

Reflective Labels are available in 2 and 3 stripe versions, and are available in all of our label shapes.

Each “stripe” is a line of color and text on our labels. There are many standard colors to select from for the stripes on our label. You can add custom text and select a standard color in each stripe. This combination will create a unique design for your label that you can put on your gear to uniquely identify it. The colors are readily identifiable from a distance, and the text allows you to put your name and contact information. The custom text will ensure no one else has the same label on their game. Custom text may be entered for each stripe. Our labels are ideal for any metal or plastic surface.

TagYourGear labels are made of a flexible, weatherproof vinyl, designed for the outdoor sign industry. The ink pigments and adhesive stand up to UV exposure, heat, and cold. These labels are made to last. The material is intended to be colorfast and durable in an outdoor environment. To increase the durability, we laminate all of our printed labels to guard against abrasion and chemicals. The laminate is clear vinyl and withstands all of the typical chemicals sporting goods come in contact with including rubbing alcohol, soaps, sun screens, water, etc. We feel these make excellent labels for your sporting goods gear. For more information on our label specifications, click here. Click here to see all of our label products.

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