TagYourGear.com Privacy Policy:

Effective July 12, 2018

We value our privacy, and treat your personal information the same way we want ours handled. The following is our policy on how we handle your personally identifiable information.

 Policy Changes

Our Privacy Policy is subject to change. Any changes to the Policy will updated and posted to this website with the revision date.

 Your Contact Information

When an order is placed, your contact information and any custom text used in labels is solely used to process your order, which typically includes printing the labels and packaging your order for shipping. Your personally identifiable information including your custom text for a label is never sold or shared with a third party. We also have secured the label product pages where you enter custom text to further protect your information.

 Your Credit Card Information

Processing your credit card is handled through the third party card processor, Stripe. Your billing information is transferred to Stripe via our site, TagYourGear.com. Our site is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) and the Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS). Once your order ships, TagYourGear.com does not permanently store any of your credit card information on our online store. 

How We Use the Information

Nothing that can be used to identify our users will be shared externally, unless they expressly permit the usage, or they freely expose the information themselves in product comments or posts on social media. For instance we do not publish photos of your labels where the text is readable, or could be deciphered. We track product purchases, and what type of information was entered on the labels. For instance if you ordered a label with your name and phone number, we would track that as one order of sku A that has a name and a phone number.

We do collect basic users statistics to assess site performance and identify improvements, but do not collect demographics. This site uses cookies and Google Analytics to help us understand how our site is browsed. An easy tool that you can use to opt out of Google’s tracking is this app, and it works on all sites that are using Google Analytics. We utilize location data from Google Analytics to help target our advertising.

Email Lists

Any email lists that we offer are opt in only. If you opt in to our list, we will only email you with material relevant to the list. For instance our new product list will only send emails with new product introductions and availability date announcements. We do not inundate you with regularly scheduled emails containing repeated information, and will not send more than one email per quarter.