Custom Gear Labels

Color stripes and your text
all in one ready to go gear label

No setup or artwork fees!

All made in the USA by us! 

As low as $0.22 per tag*

*Quantity discounts apply across styles and designs to save money!


Never lose your gear again!

Gear is expensive, and even more expensive to lose. At TagYourGear, we craft high-quality, custom labeling for all types of equipment – from climbing to scuba gear.

If you're after durable, waterproof adhesive labels that won't come off, you've come to the right place. You can expect state of the art UV fade resistance, abrasion resistance, and our labels even adhere to all plastics and metals.

No longer will you have to "make do" with a limited color palette. At TagYourGear, we offer over 91 unique multi-color combinations, and we quality assure every label before they leave our store.

Don't settle for average one-size office labels that you need to reshape to fit your gear. Expect custom, quality-assured materials in our gear labels that are specifically designed to fit your gear, and withstand any environment.

save your time

Spend your time planning your trip, rather than cutting various pieces of tape or dabbing fingernail polish on your gear. Our precut labels go on fast, giving you more time to plan your next outing, or bing watch the latest hot streaming series.

Identify Your gear

Have you ever set something down for a moment, and when you came back to it, there are 3 other ones just like yours? Accentuate your gear with unique colors and custom text to make it your own. Our labels and markers look better than crocked strips of tape, and are ready to apply. All of our labels are precut and intended to fit different pieces.

protect your investment

Good gear isn't cheap, and while it may feel like thieves are waiting to take our stuff, often times lost gear is found, but there is no way to find who owns it. Our labels allow you to put any contact information that you like on your gear.

Best Selling gear labels

Give your lost item chance to find you

Custom label to mark your gear

Multiple Colors and Custom Text in our gear labels

All of our tags have multiple colors to uniquely mark your gear. We call them stripes, and have 2 or 3 stripe versions. Choose from 13 different colors in any combination that you like. You can select the same color for all of stripes, match your flag or logo colors, or your own pattern. It's your choice. We also offer a line of text in each stripe. You can choose just about any text that is an ASCII character, including the special characters accessed with the 'Alt' key such as ö, ú, and ê. Put your name, nickname, phone number, whatever fits, we can do it. We have limits to the number of characters that can fit and try to have the same limit for all of our tags so you can keep the same info across multiple tag styles.

Give an honest person a chance
at returning your lost gear

Simple // Easy // Fast

A two stripe wide, rectangular gear label on an ice screw.

Tags made
for the gear you use

Get weatherproof, right sized labels to mark your stuff.

Hot selling gear labels

Colors and text all in one

You may have nail polished or colored tape now, why not get your contact info there too!

fast services

Typically 2-3 day processing time

best price

Mix designs and styles for quantity discounts


Made for outdoor durability

Text and colors

Quick visual reference by color, add text